Fasting and Prayer

September 2, 2022/ Friday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time

The photo was taken during the PSDP Spiritual Exercises at Lumbia Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Gospel: Luke 5:33-39

Friends, in today’s Gospel, Jesus answered the people’s question about fasting: Why His disciples do not fast, and John the Baptist’s disciples fast often? He said, “the wedding guests can’t fast while the bridegroom is with them. But, later, the bridegroom will be taken from them; and they will fast in those days.”

Fasting and prayer are powerful tools in the process of purification of the soul and body. They aid us to discipline ourselves and assist us better to focus and attain our goals. Every time we fast and pray, we strengthen our spirituality and conform to God. We strengthen ourselves to fight against evil.

The reason why Jesus’ disciples do not fast is that He is with them. He will be the one to protect them from the evil one. But, as Jesus said, later when HE is taken from them, they will become vulnerable, and then, is the time that they will fast.


Abba, help us always in our purification. May we be faithful in our fasting and prayer. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. Amen.


“Catching People”

September 1, 2022/ Thursday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time

Calabrian Lay Recollection with Fr. Miguel Tofful

Gospel: Luke 5:1-11

Friends, in today’s Gospel Simon who is called Peter, Andrew his brother, and the sons of Zebedee James and John followed Jesus immediately and leave everything behind. They were simple people who live beside the Sea of Galilee, ‘fishermen’ who were trying to feed their families daily. But they were caught by Jesus, who made them His partners in catching people for the Kingdom.

Their expertise in their work was used by the Lord Jesus to catch more people for the Kingdom. He said to them, “do not be afraid. You will catch people from now on.”

It is nice to understand that the Lord used everyone to become channels of His grace for others to enter the Kingdom of God. He used us so that others may reach eternal life. And He does not choose those who were righteous but sinners. Sinners who accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Sinners who kneel before the Lord and asked for pardon and strength.


Abba, praise, and glory to You for giving us Christ, Your Son, to be our Master and Teacher on how to catch people for the Kingdom. May we be faithful always in our works and ministry for the sake of our brothers and sisters. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, Forever and ever. Amen.

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