“Store up Heavenly Treasures”

August 7, 2022/ 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel: Lk.12:32-48

Friends, in todays’ Gospel Jesus reminded His disciples to store up treasures. But, it should be treasures that will last long. Treasures where moth nor decay cannot destroy. And these treasures, are of God.

Treasures of God, are called heavenly treasures, and this is forever, for they are not subject to corruption nor decay. However, treasures of the earth are called ‘earthly treasures,’ although it came from God but these tresures are subject to corruption and decay. It will not last long.

Friends, to follow the Lord is also to set our hearts on heavenly treasures, for they are our aid and guide. They are our jewels and gems in reaching God. These treasures are love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, humility, forgiveness and etc. Everytime we love our brothers and sisters we are storing up heavenly treasures…

The message now for us is; what treasure am I storing up? Earthly treasures or heavenly treasures?

Abba, Merciful Father, thank You for guiding us in our lives, thank You for helping us on storing heavenly treasures. May we always be faithful to You and our brothers and sisters. Amen.

Listen to Christ…

August 6, 2022/ Transfiguration of the Lord

Photo Credit: Dominicans. journal. com

Gospel: Lk 9:28b-36

                Friends in today’s Gospel Jesus was transfigured on Mt. Tabor, in front of the three disciples; Peter, James, and John. His face changed in appearance and His clothing became dazzling white. During His transfiguration, there also appeared Moses, Elijah, and the Father’s voice saying, ‘this is my chosen Son, Listen to Him.’

                This transfiguration of the Lord Jesus reminds us always of the most important disposition in becoming Christ follower, that is ‘having an attitude of Listening.’ Listening is crucial in following the Lord. The reason why we do and act the will of God in our lives is because of ‘listening.’ To listen is to obey. When God the Father told the disciples ‘To listen to Jesus,’ He is also implying that they should obey Him. He reminded them not to follow their own desires! Why? Because the disciples wanted to stay there forever! They were enjoying the countenance and glory of God, but it is not God’s will for them to stay. God wanted them to ‘listen and follow Christ’ wherever he goes.’ For Christ will come down, suffer, and die on the cross.

                Oftentimes, we insist on God our heart’s desire. But the question is, are we also listening to God’s desires for us?


                Abba, our loving Father, You told Peter, James, and John to listen to Your Son. Help us also to listen to Christ, as we follow His footsteps every day. This we ask through Jesus Your Son, who lives with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever, and ever. Amen.

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