The H & M approach to Movie Analysis, Discussion, & Reflection

By: Fr. MartYM

Hello Friends, here are some guidelines how to approach Movie A.D.R. I’ve tried this already with Youth Movies and it’s effective and helpful. Enjoy and have fun!

The Target: Hearts & Minds

The process will be Question and Answer. There will be three Sets of questions; Set A (Mind) Set B (Heart) & Set C (Values/Lessons)

Set A – (Mind) Objectively, on a form and content of the movie.

  • Which scene strikes you most?
  • Transitions from one scene to another?
  • Use of Music and soundtrack?
  • What about the camera, angles, shots, techniques, (Close-up, panorama, handled?)
  • Use of lighting and color?
  • Which minor character in the story do you remember strongly?
  • Which particular setting do you remember vividly?
  • How was the acting? would you give an Oscar award to any of the actors? or are they more of ‘acting, trying hard?
  • Is the movie visual or verbal:?

Set B: (heart) Subjective, it is more on feelings, emotions, communal experience

  • State your main feeling about the movie! (Sad, mad, glad?)
  • Were you angry with any of the situation present in the movie? or with any of the Characters?
  • What about laughter? What specific kind of laughter? (Nervous, uneasy,all-out)
  • Do you happen to identify yourself with anyone of the characters? why? In what sense?

Set C: Values/Moral Lessons/ Learning/ Messages

  • What message you highlighted?
  • What message does the movie provide?
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Loves story angle?
  • Comment on the lyrics of the song
  • Relationship of Ministry and Medicine.

Here are some websites recommended for critiques and analysis:,

Try this… and Enjoy! God bless You. Keep safe.

Published by Rev. Fr. John Mark

Poor Servant Religious

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