This is the Hour of Waking up from Sleep

By: St. John Calabria (Let us go back to the Gospel)

St. John Calabria, pray for us!

This is precisely the hour of waking up from sleep; it is a terrible hour, the hour of Satan; for the love of God, let us prepare ourselves to resist the bow by making use of the weapons that the divine Captain has placed in our hands and that all the Apostles and Saints have used to win through the course of the centuries.

It is an hour of death; He wants to make it an hour of salvation and of life. All He needs is to find the proper tools for his Providence. And the instruments must be we, Christians, if we strive to live well.

It is especially now that we need saints who are living Gospels. It is not enough that we preach, talk, act: these are beautiful and good things. But first of all we need to practice what Jesus and the Apostles have preached.

Men, the scholars of social problems, look for a way to salvation, to life; WE know that Jesus alone is ‘the way, the truth and the life.’ Jesus tells us that we are not made for this earth, but for Heaven; that here, we are brothers, his sons; that we must seek only God’s holy Kingdom; that we are sent by Christ, as Christ was sent by the Father, in order to save.

Jesus saved the world through suffering, pains, and death on the Cross.


Published by Rev. Fr. John Mark

Poor Servant Religious

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