“The Healing power of the Lord”

Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time/ July 06, 2020

Photo Credit: Charisma Magazine

Gospel: Matthew 9:18-26

Friends in today’s Gospel Jesus continued His ministry of healing. And today, He healed two women.; the daughter of a synagogue official who had just died, and the woman who suffer hemorrhages for twelve years. These healing miracles were unique and marvelous for Jesus shows His compassion. Remember the meaning of the word ‘Compassion’ ‘to suffer with.’ Jesus, felt what they feel and  joined in their sufferings. He put His feet on their shoes and empathizes with them.

The first healing the daughter of the Synagogue official. The official came forward, knelt down before Jesus and said, “my daughter has just died. But come, lay Your hands on her, and she will live.” We can imagine how the father approached Jesus in anguish, so desperate and in sorrowful heart, so that even his ‘political, administrative, and financial role or in other words his reputation as representative before a congregation of Roman officials was left behind just to kneel down before the Lord for her daughter. And Jesus recognized not only his anguish but also his genuine faith which led Jesus to cure and raised his daughter. The Second healing was on His way to the house of the synagogue official where a woman who was suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years came up behind Him and touched the tassel of His cloak, saying to herself, “If only I can touch His cloak, I shall be cured.” We can also imagine how she was suffering, bleeding, and so desperate to be cured that even merely to touch Jesus cloak she will be healed. And she did not even able to touch Jesus cloak only the tassel. And Jesus also recognized her sufferings, and not only her sufferings but her great faith. Her faith according to Jesus himself, cured her.

What does Jesus wants to tell us in today’s Gospel? Jesus wants to tell us three important virtues. 1. Compassion 2. Humility 3. Courage.

  1. Compassion – JEsus wants us to be compassionate always. To feel the struggles and difficulties of our brothers and sisters particularly those who are sick in our communities. To visit them and empathize with them. Our compassion and presence will be of great help for them to persevere in their fight against their sicknesses. Like what the Lord Jesus did, His compassion did not only help raised the girl but it help the father to be strong and have hope in the power of Jesus.
  2. Humility – The Lord wants us to be humble always. To be humble in our relationship with others, and in our relationship with the Lord Jesus. Like the synagogue official who humble himself before the Lord Jesus, and entrust the life of her daughter in the healing power of the Lord. He even left his fame and political life without hesitation. So, also for all of us. We are challenge by the Lord Jesus to be always humble.
  3. Courage – The Lord wants us to be always courageous in our life, particularly in the challenges and trials that we are encountering. He is motivating us that whatever happens in our life, we need not to give up. We need just to have courage and approach Jesus. Like the woman who suffer hemorrhages, she never give up rather courageously fight, persevere, and hope in the healing power of the Lord Jesus.

Friends, may we live these precious virtues in our life everyday. May we always have a heart full of compassion, a heart full of humility, and a heart full of courage in fighting our daily struggles in life.

Prayer: Abba, You are the face of compassion, Humility, and Courage. May we who follow the footsteps of Your Son, live these virtues in  our life for others. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son who lives with You in unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.


Published by Rev. Fr. John Mark

Poor Servant Religious

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