“Jesus our Brother”

Tuesday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time/ July 20, 2021

photo credit: http://www.rvasia.org

Gospel – Matthew 12:46-50

Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus told everyone that His mother, sister, and brothers are those who will do the Will of the heavenly Father. This is very clear from the Lord that we be only considered sister and brother of Him if we obey the plan of God in our lives. This includes the commandments that He gave us: that is to love God above everything else, and to Love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

We know already how we should love God and our neighbor. To love God is put Him as priority in our lives; gave Him our time, for worship and praise, and not to worship idols. And to love our neighbor is to respect, care, and help those who are in most need. This is very important because, the Lord tells us that we cannot love Him if we don’t love our neighbor. We cannot say that we love Him if we neglect, reject, and disregard those who ask our help.

In this way Jesus will claim us as His brother, sister, and mother.


Abba, thank You for giving us Jesus as our brother. May we who strive to follow and obey Your Will, always be faithful to You and to Jesus. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son who lives with You in unity of the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.


Published by Rev. Fr. John Mark

Poor Servant Religious

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