The Law of Christ

Saturday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time/ September 4, 2021

photo credit: Christian Truth Center

Gospel: Luke 6:1-5

Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus told the Pharisees that He is the Lord of the Sabbath. This means Jesus is above the law of the Sabbath which they strictly followed. And as the Lord of the Sabbath Christ ‘law of love, compassion, and care’ must be given emphasis… not the Sabbath’s prohibitions which oftentimes burdens the people. Therefore, the judgment that the Pharisees give toward the action of Jesus’ disciples (picking of grains during the Sabbath) cannot be validated, for it does not correspond to the ‘Law of Christ’ which prioritizes the people and their needs.

The Law of Jesus is the law of love, care, compassion, and etc. particularly to those who are in need; the poorest of the poor, the abandoned, neglected, rejected, and marginalized in societies. For the Lord Jesus, what His disciples did were not a violation of the Law of the Sabbath. The true violation of the Sabbath Law is to do nothing. Doing nothing, becoming lazy, or to idle during the Lord’s day is a violation of God’s law.

As the Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus tries to correct the judgmental mind of the Pharisees. He tries to make them understand that true worship with the Father is ‘to live out their faith,’ by doing good towards their brethren, or by helping those who need most of their help especially during the Sabbath.

The same message is also given to us by the Lord. we cannot deny that oftentimes too, we are making judgments on others. We too are so much judgmental on others. We easily look on the outer behavior of others rather than our own interior life. We identify easily the mistakes of others rather than our own mistakes. We judge others as sinners, yet not seeing ourselves and our lives already being eaten by the sin of pride, greed, jealousy and etc. which rotting us slowly. And we become so hard on others that even a little lighten up of their sufferings and burdens in life, we don’t allow.

Friends, Jesus is reminding us that He is above all Laws. What we should follow is His Law – that is the law of Love, Compassion, Care and etc. We should not be too narrow for others in their observance of the law, rather, we should help them so that their burdens in life will be lighten.


Abba, thank You for Your Love, Care, and Compassion towards us. Thank You for giving us Jesus as our example. May we live out always His will in our life and all His commandments. May we help others in their observance of the Law of Christ. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son who lives with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

Published by Rev. John Mark

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