God Welcomes Sinners

Thursday of the Thirty First week in Ordinary Time/ November 5, 2020 Gospel: Luke 15:1-10 Friends, in todays Gospel Jesus speaks of parables. It is all about joy and forgiveness. God rejoices over a sinner who repents. He rejoices like having a newly born baby! He calls everyone, announces it’s coming back and prepare aContinue reading “God Welcomes Sinners”

Dance when the flute is played…

Wednesday of the Twenty-Forth Week in Ordinary Time/ St. Cornelius, Pope & St. Cyprian, Bishop/ September 16, 2020 Gospel: Luke 7:31-35 Friends, our Lord Jesus in today’s Gospel compared the people of His generation “to a children who sit on marketplace and call to one another,” “we played the flute for you but you didContinue reading “Dance when the flute is played…”