Let the Children Come to Me!

August 13, 2022/ Saturday of the 19th Week in Ordinary time Gospel: Matthew 19:13-15 Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus, laid His hands on the children and prayed for them. He scolded the disciples for hindering them to come toward Him. Every time I read this Gospel; it brings me always to our reality today, particularlyContinue reading “Let the Children Come to Me!”

The Original Plan…

August 12, 2022/ 19th Week in Ordinary Time Gospel: Mt. 19:3-12 Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus, brought back the Pharisees to the original plan of God about marriage. He answered their question about ‘divorce.’ He responded with a very strong defense that marriage is a lifelong covenant. Once God seals the bond between a husbandContinue reading “The Original Plan…”