“Lower Your Nets for a Catch”

Thursday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time/ September 1, 2021

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Gospel: Luke 5:1-11

Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus continue speaking and teaching the crowds who were following Him starting from His public ministry. He continued to heal and care for them for they were like a sheep without a shepherd, and no one is taking care of them. Since, they were pressing Him, while listening to Him, now He had a reason to get into the boat, of one of the fishermen who just had disembarked and were already washing their nets. He got into the boat of Simon and continued speaking to the people who remained on shore. Then, having finished speaking with the people, he told Simon to put out into the deep and lower the nets for a catch. Simon Peter told Him about their experience all night without a catch, however, he obeyed Him, though not understanding why. When Simon lowered the nets into the deep, an extraordinary catch of fish happened. Seeing this, Peter understood that Jesus is Lord, and with his partners; Andrew, James and John they left everything and followed Jesus.

Yesterday’s Gospel, we witnessed Jesus entering into the house of Simon Peter and cured his mother-in-law who was severely sick. By entering into Peter’s house, we mean, Jesus entering into his life. Now, in today’s Gospel, again, Jesus enters into Simon Peter’s life by helping them fishing. Jesus got into his boat and told him to “put out into the deep and to lower the nets for a catch!” Peter who probably an expert of his work would surely a little hesitant on the request of Jesus for he knew Jesus is not a fisherman like himself, but instead of doubting he obeyed the command of Jesus to lower his nets. And there they catch a great number of fishes.

The Lord surprises everyone with His mighty deeds. And He also surprises us every day in our lives. He surprises us by entering into our life and helping us in our day to day activities. What Jesus asked to Simon Peter was simply a leap of faith, to go further, to go deeper and deeper, and to take the risks. He was simply asking to let God be the one to take care and to do the things which is out of his control. But it is always with faith. The same message for us also today. The Lord asks us to take a step-in faith, to go deeper, to go further, and to take risks. He asks us allow Himself and become the captain of our life, and to let Him take care of all things around us. However, we are always free to accept His invitation or refuse. But, if we refuse, we will not be able to see the depths of His love, goodness, and mercy.

Allow the Lord to enter in your life. Let Him manage everything. Be humble always and accept Him.


Abba, thank You for helping us always in our day to day activities. Thank You for not abandoning us in our life’s challenges and trials. May we always grow in maturity, and became strong in our faith as servant of Yours forever. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son who lives with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

Healing and Service

Wednesday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time/ September 1, 2021

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Gospel: Luke 4:38-44

Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus heals Peter’s elderly mother-in-law. She was severely sick with fever. Jesus stood over her, rebuked the fever and it immediately left her. Then, when she got up, she served them.

Here we can see the continuous healing of Jesus towards those who need most. In the gospel after Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law, at sunset, people who were sick flocked at Him, and He cured them all even those who were possessed by demons. Demons were shouting about Jesus’ identity that “HE is the Son of God” as they came out from those bodies they had possessed. Moreover, Jesus did not end His healing ministry on that area, rather, He left immediately without delay to also proclaim to other towns and villages about the God’s reign.

What the Lord wants us to remember in today’s Gospel is His compassionate and Loving heart who takes care of everyone by healing and proclamation. He wants us to understand that He never abandons us, that He is always with us, doing everything for our healing and salvation. This time that we are suffering from the pandemic, we are encouraged by the Lord to strengthen our faith in Him, for He alone can heal and save us. The virus may destroy many lives, but it will never destroy our faith in the Lord who gives us eternal life.

Friends, we are receiving every day the healing power of the Lord’s compassionate and loving heart. We are receiving it through our families, relatives, friends, loved ones, or through the Mother Church and Her sacred ministers. We are receiving it without knowing that we are given already the gift and the grace. The Challenge for us is; how do we respond to the grace given by the Lord Jesus?

May we serve God and our brethren like Peter’s Mother-in-law who gratefully waited after her healing.


Abba, You gave us example how  to serve You and our brothers and sisters through Jesus and Peter’s mother-in-law, may we who imitate them, serve You also with a grateful and joyful hearts. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

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