Family Tree…

Photo Credit: Eden paradise in Davao.

During the reunion of Bibat-Bentilanon Clan which particularly on my mothers side, then, I was elementary. I remember that there are lots of questions being thrown at me, like: Who are your parents? Who are you? Who are your grandparents? And myself, first time to attend reunion, was known by them because of my parents and grandparents.

In todays Gospel (Matthew 1:1-17), second day of Novena in honor of the Mother of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are presented on the Genealogy of Jesus. (Christ Family Tree)

The Family tree of Jesus has many characters and were given responsibilties for Israel. They have great part in the salvation history. Fourteen generations starting from Abraham to David, David to the Babylonian Exile, and from the Babylonian exile to Christ.

Quoting three significant person in the family tree of the Messiah, we have Abram(Abraham). He became the Father of all nations, the Father of faith. He take risks to follow the voice of God in his life. Only by listening to God’s voice he was able to fulfill his responsibility. Another person, a woman named Ruth. She was a moabite before he married Boaz. She became so faithful to God and rejected her former pagan god’Baal’! She become instrument of God and from her offspring Obed came who is the father of Jessie, and Jessie who is the father of King David (From whon the Messiah comes). And the third significant person was no other than King David. He was called the great King. But before he became great, he was not faithful to God and committed sinful acts. He was a sinful person. But, he did not remain there, he reconciled to God.

Though we can see that Christ family was full of sins. A Sinful people. God did not hesitate to bestow on them His graces. They became instruments of God salvific act. God did not look on their sins, but on how they stood up and reconciled themselves to Him.

What could be everyone’s challenge in todays Gospel? It is how we reconnect ourselves to God. We are invited to reconcile ourselves to God especially in the sacrament of Confession. We need to confess our sins! We could not be worthy to receive Christ in Christmas without reconciling ourselves to Him.

Another thing to reflect upon, whatever family tree you came from, a sinful family tree (drunkards, sinners, or gumblers etc.) Everything has purpose. God can make straight the crooked paths of our family trees. What we need to do is look on the will of God in evey situation and reflect.

My family during the tour in Cagayan de Oro
During my trinnial profession

#Prayer: Loving and Merciful Father, Christ came for us to reconcile us to you, may we able to receive him this season of his birth, may we be courageous always to approach the sacrament of confession, and may we be instruments of love and care towards our brothers and sisters. Amen.

CHrist Is Our Light

“Brown out! Brown out!” This are the words we usually utter when electricity has been reducted or restricted. And…

We  immediately look for anything (matches, flashlights, or candles) which gives light to light up Our dark rooms or houses. But when electricity comes back, we shout for Joy and sometimes jump or sing joyful songs.

I wonder why we usually do that? Why we feel so joyful and glad when there is light!

Photo Credit: Crucifix in our Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel Villacuana during the first Misa de Gallo

In our Gospel today (John 5:33-36), the people were joyful in the light of John the baptist. Jesus said refering to John, “He was a burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while in his light.” But, his light is not eternal nor gives fullness rather his light is temporary and for only a time.

Even John the baptist considers his light as temporary when he pointed out Christ as the Light of the World. “He is the Lamb of God!” John exclaimed. Which means Christ is the light – who gives light, life and hope to all people. He is the light who encourages everyone to fight for the challenges of life and who guides our path to eternal happiness.

We are joyful in the light of John but we must be more joyful in the Light of Christ for his light do not disapoint nor discourages. John’s light though important in our life but without the Light of Christ, his is nothing.

Photo Credit: Fr. Ronald’s first Misa de Gallo, OLL-VC

#Do I consider Christ as the Only light of my life? Or I have other else?

#Prayer : O Heavenly Father, source of all Light, you sent your Son to light up the darkness of our life. May we always stay in His light so that we may never be astray. We ask this through Christ, Your Son who lives with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.