The Original Plan…

August 12, 2022/ 19th Week in Ordinary Time Gospel: Mt. 19:3-12 Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus, brought back the Pharisees to the original plan of God about marriage. He answered their question about ‘divorce.’ He responded with a very strong defense that marriage is a lifelong covenant. Once God seals the bond between a husbandContinue reading “The Original Plan…”


“Store up Heavenly Treasures”

August 7, 2022/ 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Gospel: Lk.12:32-48 Friends, in todays’ Gospel Jesus reminded His disciples to store up treasures. But, it should be treasures that will last long. Treasures where moth nor decay cannot destroy. And these treasures, are of God. Treasures of God, are called heavenly treasures, and this is forever,Continue reading ““Store up Heavenly Treasures””