San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Youth Ministry


We, the Parish Youth Ministry of San Lorenzo Ruiz, commit ourselves to be united in Christ and His teachings as we serve our fellow youth, our community and our parish.


We will continue to be the living hope of our Church as we help our young people in establishing  their Spiritual Relationship in Christ

“There is no other age group quite so excited about the fullness of life as Youth”

Fr. MartYM


The H & M approach to Movie Analysis, Discussion, & Reflection

By: Fr. MartYM Hello Friends, here are some guidelines how to approach Movie A.D.R. I’ve tried this already with Youth Movies and it’s effective and helpful. Enjoy and have fun! The Target: Hearts & Minds The process will be Question and Answer. There will be three Sets of questions; Set A (Mind) Set B (Heart)Continue reading “The H & M approach to Movie Analysis, Discussion, & Reflection”

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